JTT UAV and Country Garden Joined A Strategic Alliance to Build Futuristic Smart City in Malaysia


JTT formed a strategic alliance with Country Garden, Forest City for working on smart home surveillance. The Chairman Guoqiang Yang and CEO Bin Mo of Country Garden, SASAKI, Ebawe, The University of Reading signed the agreement which involved them on undertakings of smart home development and planning. 36 prestigious organizations including HUAWEI, Cisco, JTT, Accenture, Midea, BOSCH, China Bank are going to settle in Forest City.

Real estate drone has been creating enormous buzz in recent years, bringing new leaps toward home security and property management. JTT hopes to take drone use in real estate to the next level with its industrial level drone T60 and T60 pro, which features long endurance and large payload, cutting-edged image processing technology and wireless AV transmission system which will play a significant role in tracking the construction progress, managing and allocating resources on the site with a real-time view.

What can drones do in real estate?

Land surveying. Surveying professionals have turned to laser scanners for decades to provide accurate measurements of large and small properties and locations. In recent years land surveying has started using drones to map properties faster and to collect data on locations that can be difficult to access. Rotor drones like JTT T60 that features 6 brushless electric motors allow drones to hover?at precise altitudes and fixed positions within the airspace designated by land surveyors. Using?professional ground smart ground station with powerful information processing speed, the flying robot is equipped with HD video cameras and video transmitters, giving the ground controller a bird eye view  without actually having to be off the ground.

Real-time monitoring: Deploying a drone saves the trouble of frequently shuttle between multiple job sites or has taken up simultaneous renovation & facelift for multiple properties. With JTT’s 30 times zoom camera equipment equipped and HD image transmission system, detailed observation of the construction site is provided, the situation is able to be viewed real-time on high. Meanwhile, by identifying the parts of the project that are going off-track, having the ability to prevent any causalities, rigorously monitoring job sites, the managers would be much better prepared to remove any additions to project time and cost.

Patrolling at anytime, anywhere. In the real estate property management, using UAV equipped with infrared cameras to keep watch on building and facility conditions and possible incidents at 24/7 are extremely useful and cost-effective. UAV can be set adhere to the patrolling route and time, detect and spot potential safety hazard, and send report to the security center which enable the security personnel to make quick judgments and locate incidents in no time. Furthermore, drones are capable to cover the blind spots where fixed security cameras cannot catch, such as rooftop, high floor architecture and water leaking place, etc.

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