JTT UAV Flew into Brisbane

Welcomed by Deputy Mayor Lisa Intemann and PMQ Chamber of Commerce Haydn Oriti


Drone experts from around the world hit Brisbane’s shores in August and it’s expected to work marvels for the local drone industry. The inaugural three-day congress kicks off in the river city on Thursday, 31 August, with speakers and delegates from the US, China, Canada and the UK going to attend.

JTT UAV showcased at World of Drones with Little Ripper Group
The Sales Director Coco Chen of JTT was introducing industrial T60 UAV series and their applications

Eddie Bennet, the CEO of Little Ripper, was presenting drone use in rescue application with JTT UAV

The Ripper Group signed the partnership contract with Shenzhen UAV Association and JTT UAV, who will provide drone pilot training in Australia.

Visit Little Ripper UAV Training Academy

At the congress, JTT confirmed theagreement with Little Ripper Group and Shenzhen UAV Association relating to training of Chinese drone pilots in Australia. The partnership is to train Chinese drone pilots to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to operate UAV’s effectively, safely and legally. Australian aviation training and regulations are recognized as some of the best in the world. By these Chinese pilots gaining a CASA approved license, their license will be regarded internationally.

Once Chinese drone pilots successfully receive their CASA Remote Pilot License they will be able to participate in further advanced training in areas such as emergency services, lifesaving, disaster response, agriculture, infrastructure inspection and photography. Training will be delivered on advanced capability drones such as those supplied by the Chinese drone manufacturer JTT UAV.

Deputy Mayor Lisa Intemann and Chamber President Haydn Oriti on hand to welcome the Chinese delegation to Port Macquarie.

Representative from Port Macquarie-Hastings Council, the Port Macquarie Chamber of Commerce, SLSNSW and the Ripper Group welcomed Chinese UAV (Drone) consortium to Port Macquarie headed by Jincai Yang - Chairman of the ShenZhen UAV Industry Association and Ronnie Chen - Chairman of JTT.

“It was a delight to be able to host the visiting UAV Chinese Consortium and to show them not only the first class training facilities at our Port Macquarie Regional Office but the local beaches and environment,” Mr Pearce said.

“UAV technology is a cutting edge industry with limitless potential both on and off the beach, and this pilot training program in Port Macquarie marks a wonderful opportunity to build closer relationships with China and within the local community.”

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