Drones Are Used to Fight Terrorism in Morocco


Since 2003, Morocco has been adopting a pre-emptive strike policy against the terrorist groups. Morocco doesn’t want to be involved in supplying any region with terrorist fighters because it is itself a victim of that. In the past 3 years, only 3 terrorist incidents happened. There is no doubt that Morocco has taken a lot of effective anti-terrorism measures to keep the national security and social stability, including using drones to patrol the border and detect bombs. Border Patrol has already started using a few drones to watch the Morocco border. Should they detect any movement or human activity, the drones alert CBP teams to survey the scene and determine if a bomb occurred or if medical care is needed. In previous plans, cameras were affixed to 80-foot poles, transmitting views of remote border sections. Towers attached to flatbed trucks were mobile but limited in their capabilities. Unmanned drones offer similar benefits, but add greater versatility. It takes time to expand capabilities through technology. JTT UAV, a Chinese hi-tech company that provides professional CBP drone solutions, was recently invited to enhance the Morocco border security.

JTT T60 UAV is used for three roles in Custom and Border Protection:

Patrol: drones fly on routine patrols, looking for the illegal crossing of goods or people across U.S. borders.

Investigations: drones are used to “provide aerial support for law enforcement activities and investigations
Terrorist attack response: drones are used to support emergency response to bombs or terrorist attack. Drones can be used to assess the extent of damage and aid in the planning of disaster response

In the future, drones may play a greater role in the day-to-day tasks of Border Patrol. As technology continues to evolve, new security resources will allow the drones to better protect the country without sacrificing the safety of its workers

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