JTT Rescue Drones Strikingly Showcased at Shenzhen International UAV Expo


Co-organized by China UAV industry alliance and Shenzhen UAV industry association, Shenzhen International Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Expo 2017 were held from 23rd to 25th June at Hall 7 & 8, Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center.  Currently, this is the largest UAV industrial expo in China which brings together the latest technological achievements from all over the world, meanwhile, provides a great opportunity for opening the regional market.

More than 300 companies showcased their latest products during the expo, like the dark horse of the industry, JTT UAV, and other drone companies including DJI,  Shenzhen GKXN UAV, AEE, MMCUAV,  Art-tech, SMD-UAV, Hawa Technology, Hikvision, Dahua Technology, EWATT UAV. This drone blast has attracted thousands of drone professionals and enthusiasts around the globe.

During the exhibition, JTT UAV demonstrated its UAV series and also unveiled its new products, T60c, T60 v series, T70 and multi-functional payloads equipment.  T60 V series rescue drones feature 55 minutes long flight time, endure max 4.5kg multifunctional payloads, capable of transmitting HD image within 20 km. The high-end oriented rescue drones outshined from its competitors at the show, attracted many eyes at flight area.

JTT General Manager Li Xia and Jason Weldon Robert from Little Ripper

Little Ripper Life Saver has signed partnership contract with JTT UAV and Shenzhen UAV Association regarding establishing a Drone Pilot Training Academy in Australia.

The UAV Academy will be established to serve the training needs of the rapidly growing unmanned aircraft industry through classroom and flight skills coaching for the professional UAV pilot. Our mission is to help drone pilots acquire the knowledge and skills needed to operate effectively, safely and legally by providing training that is professional, engaging and ultimately rewarding. The UAV academy drone pilot license will be issued by CASA.  As one of the top drone training centers in Australia, Little Ripper will be training the pilot students gathered from JTTUAV and Shenzhen UAV Association.

This is not the first time that JTT cooperated with Little Ripper.  JTT Technology has become the official partner of Surf Life Saving New South Wales, marine rescue association of Australia. Unlike traditional ground search and rescue, maritime SAR mostly operates in dangerous and difficult situations, which requires high standard from every aspect like search, salvage, rescue and escort. T60’s outstanding performance makes it overcome the toughest challenges, and become a great helper in maritime search and rescue.

T60 V series rescue drones feature 55 minutes long flight time, satisfy the need of nonstop working for a long time above the sea. Built-in long distance high-definition transmission device makes the maximum transmission distance reach up to 20 km, supporting multiple receiving points. In addition, the extensible airborne equipment such as infrared thermal device, HD zoom camera, first-aid packs enable T60 V series to give the first-time response and the best solutions when an emergency occurs.

This annual drone fiesta not only revealed the trend of drone industry in China but also demonstrated the outstanding achievements in UAVs and drone technology. As a leading enterprise in industrial drones, JTTUAV has a good start in booming the drone applications in various industries worldwide and will keep stunning at the global stage.

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