How JTT Surveillance Drone T60 is Going to Enhance Police Forces


Drones are becoming an ever growing commodity around the world, not just for civilians but for law enforcement as well.

A North Police force is preparing to deploy drones in its fight against crime and for a range of other operations. The police plan to use the drones for reconnaissance of buildings or places suspected to be used by criminal gangs, to provide footage to help in contingency planning and for searching for missing people. They can also be used when the police helicopter is grounded by bad weather, to help deal with traffic incidents.

JTT Surveillance drone T60 is not a flying toy, but an actual helper to police force. Armed with 1080p HD zoom camera, infrared thermal imager and various other equipment, T60 can be used to save lives, and keep officers safe. It can find active shooters from the air, much cheaper and more discreetly than using helicopters, and it is also extremely useful in Search and Rescue operations where you might be looking for missing people, kids in the woods or wilderness etc.

JTT T60 v1 inherits everything from T60 with larger payload capacity and longer endurance time. It is a military-grade quality 6-axis 6-rotor unmanned aerial vehicle, with anti-wind and waterproof design, capable of working under extreme weather conditions. Built-in long distance high-definition transmission device make the maximum transmission distance reach up to 20 km.

In addition, the extensible airborne equipments such as infrared thermal device, HD zoom camera, 3D LiDAR mapping device enable T60 v1 to work in various fields including public security, maritime search and rescue, pipeline inspection, electrical inspection, homeland inspection, real estate and geological mapping.

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