Japan 3D point technology use drone to mapping and inspection solar plant


Whether you are a developer, manager or owner or investor, you can definitely benefit from the latest post image processing technology to accurately quantify your PV plant asset. The picture and animation can not only be used for technical purposes, but also for promotional and marketing purposes.

  • Growing demand by developers, investors and owners.
  • We have surveyed over 500MW of plants throughout Japan using our drones.
  • Solar engineers with drone flight experience discuss the customer needs and operational procedures.

Pre-development & Mapping

We have combined the high-resolution imagery with our irradiance and yield analysis technology. Also we can produce a 3D Point cloud and Mesh Analysis with drone flyovers for up to 2MWp projects.

Construction Progress Monitoring

CPM can be conducted on sites that have broken ground and started construction. We can take photos throughout your construction process to check progress.

Finished Plants

You can use HD photos or videos of existing solar plants for O&M, reviews, reporting or promotion. We can also edit and make promotional videos to present your plant.

IR Camera

FLIR drone surveys of existing solar plants. Two separate gimbals, visual with 2.7K video, and 12 Megapixel Photo and IR with 640x512 resolution photo and


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