T60 V2

JTT T60V2 UAV aerial photography drone


T60 V2 military grade quality, capable of working at any harsh environment
Built-in temperature measuring module, the drone will automatically return to home if the temperature is too high
High payload ability, can carry multiple payloads max weight up to 4.5kg

  • 8
  • 55
  • IP65
  • 4.5
JTT T60V2 UAV aerial mapping drone
JTT T60V2 UAV aerial photography drone geological mapping
JTT T60V2 UAV aerial photography drone applications
  • JTT drone uav T60V2 aerial photography drone
  • JTT T60V2 UAV long flight drone
  • JTT T60V2 UAV aerial mapping drone white black front view
  • JTT T60V2 aerial photography drone camera black white front view
  • Drone JTT UAV T60V2 aerial mapping drone picture aerial
  • UAV JTT T60V2 aerial mapping drone UAV series
  • JTT T60V2 drone with camera and long flight time
  • JTT UAV drone with long battery life T60V2 aerial photography black white drone
  • Front camera aerial mapping drone long distance UAV JTT T60V2
  • Speaker camera long flight drone aerial photography T60V2 JTT UAV
  • JTT long distance uav drone T60V2
  • Long distance remote control drone JTT UAV T60V2
  • Long range aerial photography drone JTT UAV T60V2
  • JTT UAV dual optical target tracker Dual Optical Target Tracker
  • JTT UAV gas detector black picture Gas Detector
  • Oblique mapping imager JTT UAV white Oblique Mapping Imager
  • Infrared thermal imager JTT UAV camera Infrared Thermal Imager
  • 3 in 1 device JTT UAV black 3-in-1
  • 4 in 1 JTT UAV device drone 4-in-1
  • Bomb launcher JTT UAV Bomb Launcher
  • JTT UAV throwing platform drone Throwing Platform
  • 20 30 pixels HD camera JTT UAV 20/30X HD Camera
  • Loudspeaker JTT UAV Loudspeaker
  • Search light JTT UAV Search Light
  • HD camera high definition drone camera JTT UAV HD Camera
More Payloads
  • 变焦相机
  • 毒气检测仪
  • 高清相机
  • 红外线成像仪
  • 三合一
  • 红外线成像仪
  • 三合一
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