• Air-sea Rescue

    Air-sea Rescue solution launched is to solve the problems of not saving people in time during the emergency.

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  • Communication

    Using UAV to achieve daily inspection of Base station antenna...

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  • Traffic

    With the development of the economy and the traffic, the number of vehicles is increasing, There is no doubt that the traffic accidents happened frequently....

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  • Sea Rescue

    Maritime search and rescue, Coastal surveillance and shark reconnaissance...

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  • Firefighting

    patrol the planning route, investigate the disaster, assist the supervision and other applications through the aerial photography payload...

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  • Border Protection

    With the increasing interactive with other countries on economy, politics, cultural and so on...

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19 2017/09 How to Solve the Biggest Problems with Oil and Gas Projects Using Drones

How to Solve the Biggest Problems with Oil and Gas Projects Using Drones

The oil and gas industry faces several challenges that range from leakages and fires to safety risks, fluctuating demand and prices. Addressing these requires combining various strategies to ensure proper and efficient operations

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  • 21 2017/07
    How to Use Drones to Improve Gas Measurement and Metering

    One of the challenges that natural gas companies face has to do with delivering gas energy efficiently, safely and profitably. The world is moving away from the use of fossil fuels and toward the use of clean and renewable energy such as solar and wind energy. The move will be slow until the cost of providing alternative energy becomes competitive with the cost of providing fossil fuel energy.

  • 17 2017/07
    What are Canada’s New Drone Regulations?

    What are Canada’s New Drone Regulations?

  • 06 2017/06
    UAS – UAV Inspection & Monitoring Solutions For Oil & Gas

    Since the year 2006, the Research & Development department of Intergratedsystem Technologies has worked as leading specialist oil and gas drone inspection provider globally.Intergratedsystem Technologies presents on the markets a new Unm

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