​Maritime rescue drill with JTT UAV in Macau


In order to strengthen the responding ability of maritime accidents, Macau maritime and water bureau with other related department held the “ Maritime accident emergency responding drill in 2019” in Macau on Mar 6th, 2019.

The drill was simulated by two ships crashing on the sea. The bow of one ship with limited self-navigation was damaged. There were 25 crew members and passengers on the board, of whom 6 were slightly injured, another crew member fell into the water and disappeared during collision. And there were 20 crew members and passengers on another ship, of whom 8 were slightly injured, another two crew members feel into the water and disappeared in the collision.

Upon receipt of the notification, The vessel traffic service department started up the emergency rescue plan for maritime accidents promptly. The related department arranged ships to the accident site immediately, and adopted JTT drone T60 v2 to source and locate 3 drowning person so that they would be saved in shorter time.

The drill was finished at 12:00a.m. successfully, and It lasted about 90 minutes as the whole process went smoothly and achieved the desired goal.

It was raining heavily during the drill, and the wind and waves were strong that increased the difficulties of the whole event, but JTT drone T60 v2 assisted to source and locate the drowning person nicely with strong performance. After the drill, the emergency responding ability of maritime accidents got strengthened to guarantee the maritime safety.

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