​JTT drone helps prevent COVID-19 during outbreak


In January 2020, COVID-19 began to be spread in China. The confirmed cases had been increasing crazy at the end of January. However, the novel coronavirus started to be out of control around the world, becoming a pandemic. The countries like Italy, Spain in Europe, Iran, South Korea in Asia, and the United States in North America in which all have joined war against the virus spreading.

Yet, the implementation of epidemic prevention and control has encountered many troubles during this serious period. For example, it is very common for people to not self quarantine, like they gather together without wearing masks, and also pay little attention to hygiene, which probably has contributed to spreading the virus or getting infected somehow.

In order to improve the efficiency of strict prevention and control, and guarantee the safety for more people, Spider C85 drone from JTT Technology is helpful for measures by assisting the police and others. Take one example where JTT has done during this outbreak in China. In January, Machong police substation of Dongguan city in Guangdong province, China, has adopted Spider C85 drone to implement some measures for people. Equipped with thermal imaging camera, It took people’s temperature at the entrance or on the street from afar, with temperature ranged from -20℃ to 200℃, knowing what’s normal and what’s not at that moment for many people, and rapidly taking actions to those who might be infected.

When commodities were snapped up, or when people were going through self-quarantine, the daily necessities like food and medical supplies became the priority. Spider C85 drone equipped with release and drop device and 18x HD zoom camera, quickly flew to the designated destination, and released materials such as alcohol, disinfectant, masks, and bread, which solved the problems of needing supplies desperately.

In addition, Spider C85 loaded speaker and 18x HD zoom camera through payload device, flying and inspecting the street while announcing the epidemic prevention knowledge, like people should wear masks, stay away from each other for at least 1 meter, and wash hands properly. People who heard the announcement take actions immediately. It prevents people from getting infected effectively.

JTT Spider C85 Solution for disease control and prevention:

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