Water rescue robot deliver supplies to those in need

New Application for short distance supplies delivery


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We all know the importance of water safety. When it comes to dangerous moments, it would be helpless most of the time

According to the latest data, the number of people affected by the floods this year reaches tens of millions.

In some narrow places that rescuers cannot reach, the lack of food and medical supplies is the biggest problem for them to survive however.

For another thing, there are islands with complex terrain especially in South East Asia, under the conditions of few people and imperfect medical supplies,

so it also creates further risks.

Supplies Delivery Application of Water Rescue Robot

A Solution for Delivering First Aid Supplies under Emergency

R1 supports the simple installation of the case, with four simple steps: placing, closing, buckling, and throwing.

In less than 5 seconds, you can complete the process from preparation to rapid departure

Case Installation

Through APP's route planning, robot will deliver the supplies according to the route. After setting  the route, click "Upload Mission" to then get it started.

It will solve the blind spot problem as you can check out the map over APP and therefore improve emergency rescue efficiency

APP planning route, R1 one-key departure

With a sailing speed of 7 meters per second, even at a distance of 1 km, it only takes 2.5 minutes to reach the destination

even if the waves are rolling, at the speeds of 7 meters per second, within 1 km.

R1 robot reaches its destination quickly

Upon arrival, those can get emergency supplies from delivery, so as to get timely treatment and replenishment

The robot arrives at the destination

After, you can turn on the one-key return button on the remote control,

and R1 will automatically return to Home point without other operations. The whole process would be intelligent.

One-key return

We can view the robot's navigation trajectory on the remote control.

R1 APP shows the return route

Marine first aid supplies delivery can be used in application scenarios such as beaches management, water public security, emergency management, reservoirs, scenic spot management, and floods relief.

In the future, robots will be more intelligent and keep contributing to the field of emergency rescue.

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