Integrated air sea rescue solution

Water rescue robot & drone achieve farther rescue with relay on


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When devices in rescue field are getting smarter

the methods are getting diversified too

In daily water rescue

We might now see rescue robots as rescue vehicles

However its rescue area often is decided by rescuer's viewing angle which is narrow and limited

causing it to not see drowning persons properly

Or because of the remote control range too short

it brings difficulties to rescue missions

Integrated air sea rescue solution

brings you hope toward those problems

Joint patrols to solve the problem of blind spots

The rescue robot is compatible with APP navigation planning and can patrol the planned area;

the drone can then follow and send back the images at the same time, and can also detect abnormalities in time so as to save losses

Air-sea Collaboration

Turn on relay to extend rescue distance

After the rescue robot reaches a certain distance, it will return home automatically,

but with the support of the relay, the rescue distance of the water rescue robot will be extended to 8km after.

Air-sea Relay

Robot Follow Mode

Go Wherever the Drone Goes

The robot can turn on the follow mode, receive the positioning information of the drone, follow the drone, and form a linkage with the drone,

so that the robot can go wherever the drone goes. At the same time, the robot also combines the high-definition video transmission through drone to find out

where the drowning person is and implements precise rescue for rescue organization

Robot Follow Mode

Successfully Loaded. Going back.

The rescue robot successfully rescued the person who fell into the water, under the linkage with the drone, and then quickly took him back to the home point

Follow and Return

Mission complete

When returning home, you can also view the real-time trajectory of the APP to know where it is,

and now you can see that it has successfully gone back to the shore and completed the mission.

Drones and robots successfully completed their missions

Integrated air sea rescue solution perfectly complements the shortcomings of narrow viewing  and short distances in water rescue,

and can be also effective in application scenarios such as beaches management, water public security, emergency management, reservoirs, scenic spot management, and flood relief.

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