IE Expo Guangzhou 2017:JTT Introduced Its Water Monitoring Solutions in Environmental Market


Presented by IFAT and Guangdong Association of Environmental Protection Industry, as South China’s leading Environmental Technology Solutions for Water, Waste, Air and Soil, IE expo Guangzhou 2017 has attracted 301 exhibitors from 15 countries and regions showcased at the exhibition. JTT introduced its new application in water monitoring and sampling at this environmental fiesta.

Sending UAVs to collect water samples from lakes, streams and ponds is one potential application with far-reaching possibilities. Water sampling often involves hauling equipment, boats and people to sites, sometimes hundreds of miles away. Sending UAVs to fly over the water, dip a hose and pump samples into a collection reservoir saves time and money. It also improves data collection by enabling scientists to sample otherwise inaccessible areas or to improve timing, such as collecting multiple samples at once or immediately after a rainstorm.

It’s hard to get people out there to collect all of this information,” the CEO of JTT, Ms Xia said. “With the UAV, you can collect orders of magnitude more data, and quality data, very quickly.”

Water-sampling drones also could help regulatory agencies better monitor water quality and quantity. UAV-based monitoring systems offer the benefits of low-cost imaging at higher spatial resolutions and fully controlled temporal scales, and also can provide useful data on land cover and crop health in addition to water quality.

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