JTT UAV Exhibits in Milipol Paris 2017 with Anti-Terror UAV Solutions


JTT showcased its full anti-terror solution at Milipol Paris 2017, the world's largest global security event, and present industrial level UAV T60 V2, T60 C and T70, as well as multiple payloads: Dual Optical Target Tracker, 4-in-1 Device, Infrared Thermal Imager, HD Zoom Camera, Throwing Platform etc..

The star product - T60 V2 features 55 minutes longest flight time, satisfy the need of nonstop working for a long time in the air. Built-in long distance high-definition transmission device makes the maximum transmission distance reach up to 20 km, supporting multiple receiving points. In addition, the extensible airborne equipment such as infrared thermal device, HD zoom camera, first-aid packs enable T60 V2 to give the first-time response and the best solutions when an emergency occurs, and capable to work in various fields including public security, maritime search and rescue, pipeline inspection, electrical inspection, homeland inspection, real estate and geological mapping.

This is not the first time JTT dazzled at world stage. The trips to US and Germany also attracted enormous attention on the show. Every time the professional pilot has a flight demonstration in the designated area, the safety barriers are crowded with local and international media, also visitors from France, England, Germany, Algeria, and Morocco and etc.. They took out cameras and mobiles and recorded the unbelievable flight performance.

The advantages of JTT Drone in Anti-terror field

w Real-time transmission videos for commander to make quick decision

w Monitor the target place without dead corner even if the fixed camera is destroyed by the terrorist.

w Give Warning to the terrorists through the loud-speaker

w Deploy thermal camera to monitor in the harsh environments, such as smoky, foggy, dust conditions and so on.

As the leading Industrial UAV provider, JTT will provide the most powerful drones to fight against terrorism, contribute its own effort to make the world more peaceful.

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