Water Rescue Robot R0

Water Rescue Robot R0

LCD screen. Know Your Robot

The LCD screen is located in front of the battery compartment and is also within the sight range of a user.

It indicates Body Status, Gear, Battery, and direction, convenient for user to mainly get to know the situation of the robot, creating better experience.

Manual operation

Water rescue robot R0 supports manual mode. The user can control the direction and speed through the buttons on the left and right handles.

When the person who falls into the water has no strength, the rescuer can use R0 to rescue them.

Simplified Remote Controller

In consideration of the needs of customers, we simplified the remote controller but centralized the main functions for it. One joystick on the RC can control the speeds and directions.

For the layout of it, power switch, cruise control button, and reserved buttons are on the RC, which is quite easy to understand, saving time for users.

Cruise at Constant Speed

Cruise control plays an active role in navigation. When we want to sail at high speed or emergency rescue, we can turn on the cruise control button located under the remote control

to allow the R0 water rescue robot to maintain the current speed while going. It however eliminates the possibility of speed reduction due to operations when using.

Human detection module

If the human body away from the robot reaches a distance of 40cm, the robot will stop running to prevent further risks and accidents.

Battery Quick Replace

The water rescue robot R0 supports quick battery replace function, which can complete installing battery in less than 10 seconds

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